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Adeline Productions, Inc is a full-service vendor.  We are able to provide full camera systems and operators for those cameras and/or steadicam, gimbal, handheld and jib operators.

Our Co-Founder, Matt, is passionate about filmmaking and television production.  Ever since he first walked into a movie theater, he has wanted to share the same experience of childhood wonder with others.  One of his life goals is to create work that provide that inspires an audience and leaves them wanting more, while also satisfied with the ending.

He is a four-time Emmy® award-winning, professional steadicam operator and owner, specializing in sports, film, television, and live programming. He has over 20 years of broadcast experience and 13 years as a steadicam operator. Whether it's a steadicam or any of his other cameras, he feels most at home when he is capturing images that invite the audience to experience the world through his eyes.

He has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from Turner Sports and CBS Sports, to SEC Network, CNN and Disney and he is a member of the Steadicam Operator's Association and the Professional Photographers of America.  

When he's not capturing life through a lens, he enjoys snowboarding, backpacking, landscape photography, and exploring the world with his wife and daughter.

Matt is based in the metro Atlanta area, but well-versed with traveling for any production.

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